Anne Phillips – Born to Be Blue


In 1959, when she was 23 years old, Anne Phillips sang on her first album, BORN TO BE BLUE. It received excellent reviews, but the burgeoning Rock & Roll overshadowed it. maxresdefault-1.jpg

She has had a long and varied career since then, including back-up singer to Carole King and others, composing jingles for ad agencies, composing operas and liturgical music.


Her Nativity musical, Bending Toward the Light, has been produced for decades in Manhattan, featuring some of the jazz greats of the era.


Anne Phillips has been on the faculty of the Jazz Department at NYU, music Director for the 9AM service at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church and was a National Trustee of NARAS, the Recording Academy.


With her late husband, Bob Kindred, she formed a non-profit, Kindred Spirits, which created Children’s Jazz Choirs.



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