Michael T. Klare All Hell Breaking Loose: The Pentagon’s Perspective on Climate Change

The United States military has been aware of the escalating dangers of catastrophic climate disruption longer than most other branches of government. In spite of Donald Trump’s quick rescinding of Barack Obama’s Executive Order 13653, issued in 2013, “Preparing the US for the Impact of Climate Change,”  the military has quietly continued to do just that.


In his latest meticulously researched book, All Hell Breaking Loose: The Pentagon’s Perspective on Climate Change, the Five College Professor Emeritus of Peace and World Security Studies at Hampshire College and senior visitiing fellow at the Arms Control Association, Michael T. Klare, shows that the US military considers climate change a danger on several fronts at once.

With charts and maps he demonstrates that globally and nationally, we are vulnerable to increasing disruptions from climate change:

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 6.52.59 PM.pngA map identifying military bases that have reported problems from heavy flooding, extreme temperatures, prolonged drought, and other climate impacts. (from All Hell Breaking Loose: The Pentagon’s Perspective on Climate Change Metropolitan Books)


Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 6.12.44 PM.png

Increasing water scarcity as the river systems sourced in the glaciers of the Himalayan watershed is a major concern affecting nuclear armed nations China, India and Pakistan.  (from All Hell Breaking Loose: The Pentagon’s Perspective on Climate Change Metropolitan Books)

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 6.12.16 PM.png

As the Arctic sea ice disappears the geopolitics of the region are in flux as never before in human history with potential of conflict among major powers such as Russia, China and the US. ((from All Hell Breaking Loose: The Pentagon’s Perspective on Climate Change Metropolitan Books)

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